Good Keywords Tools for Search Engine Optimization?

Hey there, this is Clark and a big welcome to If you’re looking for good keywords tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), I think you’ve come to the right place. Let me share with you two great tools for finding “quality” keywords. However, they work the same way so I’m just going to talk about one. Savvy?

As an introduction, SEO is the process of improving the visibility (ranking) of a website or website post (without paying any money) in a search engine’s search results. Having your website posts on the first pages of search results is a must if you want lots of people to be clicking on them/visiting your website and reading your content. The reason is of course these visitors can potentially become your customers.


A Brief Explanation of Keywords and Keyword Tools

Every post you create/publish on your website should target a “quality” keyword. That is, you should insert your chosen keyword somewhere in the post’s title and first paragraph.

A keyword is just a word or phrase that you type into Google or a different search engine when you’re searching for something online. For instance, when I typed in the keyword “cooking recipes” into Google Search the following results came up:


Keyword tools are what we use to determine whether a keyword is a “good” or quality keyword. A quality keyword is one that:
1) Is related to your niche (website theme/topic)
2) Is grammatically correct
3) On average, has more than 30 monthly searches
4) Has less than 100 QSR/competition

Great keyword tools provide you with these and accurate information. I don’t know how to prove the accuracy of a keyword tool – there are a lot of technical mechanisms when it comes to a keyword tool – but the gauge I use is whether I make money or not after using a particular keyword tool for a few months.


What Keyword Tools I Recommend and How To Use It?

The keyword tool I use with success thus far is the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) keyword tool. WA is a popular and reputable online marketing training website plus they have all the tools you need for starting and running an online business, including an advanced yet simplistic website platform and a wonderful keyword tool.

You have to be a WA premium member to use their keyword tool, BUT if you register as a free member at WA and access lesson 9 of their Online Entrepreneur Certification training course, you’ll receive guidance on how to get 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy, whose keyword tool works pretty much the same way as the WA one as they were founded by the same people.


So using the WA keyword tool (Jaaxy works pretty much the same way), I researched the keyword “cooking recipes” and got the following data:


Now the keyword that I researched is grammatically correct, else I won’t use it because I’m publishing content for my visitors and not the search engines.

Looking at the “Searches” column, cooking recipes has 8900 monthly searches on average, which means there are many people typing this phrase into Google Search every month (the WA keyword tool metrics are based on Google, who owns more than half of all searches made online). However, when I clicked on the “View Result” button under the “Competition” column the competition is 300.


300 QSR is way too much. This is the number of posts that would be competing with my website post for visitors and readership in Google. Obviously the less competition the better my post’s chances of getting ranked on the first page. With a brand new website, I’ll usually look for keywords that have less than 50 (or 10 if possible) QSR. As your website ages and gains authority from the search engines, you can go for keywords with less than 200 QSR.

So I looked at the competition of the other keywords suggested to me by the WA keyword tool (see above) and found that the QSR for low fat cooking recipes is 44, so this is a keyword that I can build a post around. I can also use vegetarian cooking recipes or Christmas cooking recipes as my keyword, given that both of them have more than 30 searches per month and less than 100 QSR.


When I create a new post, I would insert my keyword somewhere in the post’s title and first paragraph. And then I’d just write naturally for the rest of the post, and it’ll have the opportunity to rank in Google under its targeted keyword.


But The Most Important Thing is Still Content

Note that keywords are good starting points for all your posts; however the most important thing to becoming successful is writing/publishing high-quality posts that help your readers get what they want, whether it’s information, entertainment/reading pleasure or product reviews that can help them make informed decisions. With that in mind and a good keyword tool you can’t go wrong.

With a free registration at WA you’ll receive direction on how to get 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy, as well as free online marketing training. Read my WA review (links to join here).

That’s all from me today, and as always if you have ANY questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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