How DOES Affiliate Marketing Make Money

Hey everyone, this is Clark here. Welcome to Today I’ll be attempting to answer the question, how does affiliate marketing make money, in a hopefully satisfying manner to you.

For those who’re new to the world of online/Internet business, affiliate marketing is a process where you help other people (merchants) promote their products or services on your website. You earn commissions when you generate sales for your merchants.

Below let me go through the process of affiliate marketing, from joining affiliate programs to making money. For affiliate marketers who are familiar with the whole concept already, let me share what I know about making lots of money with affiliate marketing. If you have questions while reading my content, do let me know in the comment box at the bottom of this page and I’ll be VERY happy to help you out.

Alright, let’s start.


From Joining Affiliate Programs to Making Money

First, you need to find merchants who are looking for people (affiliates) to promote their products or services. As it states in the heading, joining affiliate programs should be your first step. Joining an affiliate program allows you to promote that particular merchant’s product(s). There are more than 100k affiliate programs that you can join on the Internet. Almost every single product you can imagine has an affiliate program.

To find one, just type product + affiliate program into Google Search. For example, I typed in cooking + affiliate program and got the following results:

Keep in mind that for physical products like fitness equipment, you might not be able to sell to people who are living in different countries, if the merchant does not provide shipping services, or if the shipping fees are expensive. With digital products you can promote them to any person anywhere in the world.

A personal rule I follow is not to join an affiliate program that asks for a fee BEFORE I even start promoting its product(s). Those are likely to be scams. So after signing up for the affiliate programs you’re interested in, you get your “affiliate link” for each product. An affiliate link is just a URL, for example, that contains your affiliate ID for a particular product you’re promoting.

So you use your affiliate links within the pages/posts on your website. If someone pays your website a visit, clicks on your affiliate link (which takes them to the merchant’s website) and ends up buying the product or service you’ll earn a commission.

Once you make a sale, it will be in the records of your merchant and every month/fortnight/week/etc. you’ll get paid. Many merchants pay commissions thru PayPal, and all you need to do is sign up free for a PayPal account, then let the merchants know your PayPal email. That’s it. You can link your bank accounts to your PayPal account. That’s how you can get your money out.

Having a website is like having your own “retail store” on the Internet. A website is going to be ideal for making money online. If you don’t have one:

How to Build a Website for Affiliate Marketing


How Do You Make A LOT of Money With This?

To be earning lots of money you’ve got to have a lot of people coming to visit your website. True, more traffic (website visits) do not automatically lead to more money, but no visitors definitely means no money.

One thing you have to remember is that apart from making money, your website is there to give your visitors what they want, whether it’s information, entertainment or product reviews within your niche [website topic] that enable your readers to make informed decisions.

Therefore, write and publish relevant, informative and engaging posts (content) on your website. This creates trust with the search engines and puts your posts on the first page of their search results. Having your posts on the first page of Google and other search engines is a must if you want lots of people to click on your post (visit your website) and read the content that you’ve written.

Also, when you’re writing a new post insert your keyword somewhere in the post’s title as well as somewhere in the first paragraph. To learn more about keywords, read my post (second half of it): How to be Successful with an Online Business

With billions of dollars spent on the Internet DAILY, it’s widely believed that the affiliate marketing industry is still green and largely untapped. In 2016, the affiliate marketing industry only generated $3.4 billion in sales, and as such the sky is the limit when it comes to affiliate marketing.

That’s all from me today, and as always if you have ANY questions or comments at all DO leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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