How to Be a Millionaire Online

Hello friends, I’m Clark and welcome to This post is about how to be a millionaire online and without further ado, let’s get right into things here.

According to a report by global consultancy firm Capgemini, wealth among millionaires (those with investable assets of $1 million or more) grew by 8.2% last year to $63.5 trillion and is on track to surpass $100 trillion by 2025.

The wealthy are getting wealthier, but the worst thing you can do is get jealous, because such thoughts ARE limiting. For instance, it stops you being curious, and wealthy people love to share their stories and help you.

However, it’s time for us to get a piece of the pie.


Lottery Online??

A British couple has won £1 million in the EuroMillions lottery for the SECOND time in 2 YEARS, beating odds of more than 283 billion to one. So is there anything that we can all do to increase our good fortune?

It is said that people are not born lucky or unlucky. Lucky people create their own luck by how they think and behave. For instance, lucky people are always optimistic about their future, they listen to their intuition, and they are highly resilient beings. Lucky people are good at spotting “hidden” opportunities.

On the contrary, unlucky people are anxious folks, and they overanalyze instead of taking action. Basically, they think and act the opposite of lucky people.

But striking the lottery is not my specialty. I can only advise you to think and behave like a lucky person.

You could theoretically make lots of money with market trading, but to achieve big returns you need big savings to start with, plus you could throw it all away if you’re not careful. If you’re not skilled in market trading, I certainly do not recommend it.


Online Marketing?

Below is how much money you can realistically make with online marketing, if you put in the hard work required at the initial stage.

Month 3: $0-$500 per month

Month 6: $500-$3,000 per month

Year 1: $3,000-$10,000 per month

Year 2: $10,000-$20,000 per month

Year 5: $20,000-$50,000 per month

Online marketing is promoting a brand, product or service (not necessarily your own) over the Internet. With 3.5-plus billion people online, spending billions of dollars on products and services EVERY day, the sky’s the limit as to how much you can earn with online marketing.

The 4 steps in online marketing:

1) Choose a niche, which is a group of people looking for the same thing. Choose a niche you love so that online marketing will not feel like a job to you.

2) Build a website, which will be your online “retail store”, where you welcome potential buyers and promote helpful products to them. Wealthy Affiliate provides a platform where you can build a website in less than a minute (you just need to choose a name and a design/theme for your website). Building your first 2 websites at Wealthy Affiliate is free.

3) Attract free traffic (website visitors). To get lots of people to pay a visit to your site, you have to publish engaging and informative content that helps your potential buyers solve their problems or get what they want. Publishing content frequently, at least at the initial stage, also puts you in good standing with Google and other search engines.

4) Earn money, through affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products online), placing advertisements on your website, etc.

Learn more about the 4 online marketing steps here.

To get started, no capital is required (just your laptop and Internet connection).


Beware the Scammers

There are many scams online trying to take advantage of people’s dreams. Some are not outright scams, but overpromise and under-deliver. Wealthy Affiliate is not one of them.

With Wealthy Affiliate, you become a starter member for free, which gives you access to 20 online marketing training lessons that are good enough for you to build your first website and get your first online business on the road.

As a starter member, you can build a maximum of 2 free websites at Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to be a millionaire online, I think Wealthy Affiliate is the place to do it.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review, and become a starter member for free.

That’s all from me today. As always if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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