How to be Successful with an Online Business

Hey everyone, Clark here and welcome to On this page I will share whatever I know regarding how to be successful with an online business. If you’re not yet familiar with the steps involved in creating and growing an online business (also called online or Internet marketing), read my post: Making Money Online – How Does It Work?

Now if you’re already familiar with the four steps of online marketing, let’s go on! I believe that at this point you should already have a website of your own. It is going to function as your “shop” or “store” on the Internet. With a website, you’ll be able to acquire trust/brand/authority from Google and other search engines in a fairly short period of time.


Do You Write Quality Content?

One thing that you have to always keep in mind is that your website is there to help people, whether it is in terms of providing entertainment, giving information or reviewing/recommending a product that would help your traffic (website visitors) to solve a problem or be beneficial to them.

So you need to write (type) and publish quality posts (content) for your website visitors, which quickly creates trust with the various search engines. Publish RELEVANT, engaging and helpful posts that help your visitors in some way.

If somebody types in a search term in Google or another search engine, a website with trust and authority will likely have its relevant post(s) on page 1 of the search engine’s search results. And, only if your post shows up on page 1 is it likely to be clicked and read.

Obviously this is the key to being successful with your online business (website). Having more of your pages/posts on page 1 of search results means more people will read your content, and that typically leads to more money.

You also need to publish a sufficient number of high-quality posts on your website. Although search engines don’t reveal their exact ranking algorithm, you would need at least a decent number of posts to reach a large number of people. For instance, if every post you publish gets 5 unique website visitors per day, 50 posts would get you 250 visitors, 200 posts would get you 1,000 visitors and so on.


Keywords, the Basis of Your Content

When creating a new post, you should insert your keyword somewhere in the title of the post and somewhere within the first paragraph. But what are keywords?

When people search for something on the Internet, they will type in a keyword (phrase) into Google or some other search engine. For example, I did a Google search by typing in a keyword and got the following results:

Every post you publish on your website should target a “good” keyword. If you choose the right keywords, you will greatly improve your chances of getting “ranked” on the first page in the search engines.

Before you start writing your post, you should identify a keyword that:

1) Is relevant to your niche (website topic).

2) Is a “good” keyword, meaning it makes grammatical sense, has more than 30 monthly searches and has less than 100 QSR (competition)

Using the keyword tool at Wealthy Affiliate, I research the keyword phrase “how to be a self made millionaire”.

The above phrase makes grammatical sense. If your keyword doesn’t, don’t use it because you are publishing content for your visitors and not the search engines. For instance, don’t use “how to be a a millionaire”, even though it has 3746 searches and only 2 competition.

The above keyword has 64 monthly searches, which meets our criterion of more than 30 monthly searches for the keyword. Though it is fine to go with a lower search volume, we can certainly find unlimited keywords that have more than 30 (or even 50) searches a month and meet the other two criteria as well.

In terms of competition, which is the number of posts that would compete with your website for traffic and readership in Google, the above keyword has only 10 (see below). The lower the competition the better. When starting out with a new website, I would look for keywords with less than 50 competition, and less than 10 if it is possible. As your website gains authority, you can target keywords with competition of less than 200.

So “how to be a self made millionaire” is a GOOD keyword!

Insert your keyword somewhere in your post’s title and somewhere in the first paragraph. Then just write naturally and conversationally for the rest of your post.

Every post you publish will have the opportunity to rank under its targeted keyword and get traffic. There are countless keywords in every niche and with every post you create on your website your traffic will continue to increase.


Let’s Start Working Hard!

As you create keyword-targeted posts regularly, the search engines will start giving your site authority. Authority leads to rankings, traffic and ultimately money.

And that’s all for today! If you have any questions or comments regarding today’s topic, DO feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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