How To Become A Millionaire In 5 Years’ Time

Hey everyone, this is Clark, and welcome to Today I want to talk with you about how to become a millionaire in 5 years’ time with a middle-class income or less. I’m trying to get there myself, and there are two methods I follow. One is creating a business online and then work hard on growing your business. And, give me a chance to explain what’s involved in having an online business, and don’t just believe the negative things about it that you may have heard of previously.

The other method, believe it or not, is practicing visualization and the law of attraction, which you can use in conjunction with working on your online business, or as a standalone thing. Some people think that the law of attraction is complete and utter nonsense, and I’ll let you be the judge below.


First, Let’s Talk About Creating An Online Business

The Internet has opened up many opportunities for us, especially in earning money. Online data entry jobs and surveys are always popular, but I don’t recommend it. Yes, you can get started without any previous experience, but you’ll be spending a lot of your time and for near-minimum wages. You can earn fun spending money to buy things that you wouldn’t normally buy, but it’s not going to make you a full-time income, let alone a million U.S. dollars.

There are also many data entry and online survey scams out there, although to be fair, whatever online venture you choose you need to research your options carefully and identify the scammers.

Right, on we go to creating an online business. First of all, you need to know that building an online business is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is possible to start for free (as opposed to traditional businesses). You also do not need to create your own product, and you can even choose not to promote/sell anything at all.

There are four steps to creating and growing a business online:

1) Choose your topic or niche, which can be meditation, weight loss, music, personal development, fitness, health food, the list is endless.

2) Build a website, which is where you publish relevant and helpful content that helps your visitors get what they need.

3) Attract visitors to your site. The key to getting lots of people to your site for free is publishing relevant, engaging and helpful posts (content) for your visitors which is what the search engines are looking for. You don’t have to be a brilliant salesman or a professional writer to be successful, just convey your message the same way you speak to your family and friends.

4) Earn money through affiliate marketing (promoting products on your website on behalf of merchants and earning commissions), or by placing ads on your site – each time somebody clicks on one of your ads you receive some money (no promotion or selling involved).

In addition to providing a platform that lets you build two websites for free, Wealthy Affiliate also provides easy to understand and step-by-step free training that guides you in selecting a niche, building your website and making money online. If you want to build a successful business online, read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

How you can realistically become a millionaire with an online business:

1 month: $0
(You’ve just set up your website, and published 5-10 posts on it)


3 months: $0 to $500 a month
(Your content is starting to become “ranked”, and traffic is beginning to grow; you’ve published 30-60 posts on your site and made a few sales)


6 months: $500 to $3,000 a month
(Your site is beginning to gain some trust from Google and the other search engines; you’ve published 60-100 posts on your site and are making at least several sales every week)


1 year: $3,000 to $10,000 a month
(The search engines are granting your website with some serious authority; you’ve published 100-150 posts and are making sales daily)


5 years: $20,000 to $50,000 a month
(You’re a huge authority in your niche; you’re scaling your business through paid channels, and have made several hires – for content writing and designing your site)

I assume you’ll have some savings from your income in years 2-5, hence by the end of year 5 you can be a millionaire already (if you work hard creating content, at least during the initial phase of your business).


Mumbo Jumbo?

If the idea of creating a business online does not appeal to you at all, here’s a more general way that you can try to become really wealthy.

According to the law of attraction, the images that we hold in our minds will come into our lives. What we always think about will happen for real. Some people think this is complete and utter nonsense. I practice visualization every morning to get my mind thinking in the right direction before I start working on my online businesses, or whatever else I had planned for that day.

To do visualization: decide on one thing that you want to come into your life right this moment. Now turn it into a mental image. Imagine yourself as already having what you want. Make your mental image move. Make it as real and vivid as you can. Smile, move your hands, act it out.

If you’re doing it correctly, you’ll generate the feelings of having it now. You’ll feel excitement, happiness, anticipation, gratitude, enthusiasm. If the feeling of anxiety of whether you will get it comes up at any moment, just let it leave you gently.

Recently I visualized intensely just before going to sleep, and the next day I found I have a few thousand extra dollars in tax savings. Just before falling asleep is said to be the best time to impress the feelings of what you want to experience upon your subconscious mind, along with just after you wake up in the morning. So try it for yourself, and at least you’ll get a good start to the day and a very good night’s sleep.

By working consistently on the two methods above, I believe it is possible for some magic to happen in a few months’ time, maybe sooner. And before I leave you today, please write your questions or comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out or start a discussion. Thanks!

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