How to Build a Website Online For Free

Hey everyone, this is Clark and welcome to If you want to know how to build a website online for free, you’ve come to the right place. Below I’ll be showing you the four quick and simple steps to get your own website today, and the whole process can possibly take less than a minute.

By the way, I’ll be running you through the website building process based on the SiteRubix platform owned by the people behind Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate is an online/Internet marketing training website, and with a free membership you can get access to their starter training that is comprehensive enough to guide you in getting your website business well on the road, not to mention that you can build two websites for free using their website building and hosting platform. Without further ado, let’s get right into the process here.


The Elementary Website Building Process Using SiteRubix

1) Choose the kind of website to build. The first step (see below) is selecting whether you want to create a website on a “free domain” ( or on your “own domain” (,,, etc.).

Through registering as a free (starter) member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can build (up to) two “free domain” websites with SiteRubix. Just for information, premium members can build up to 25 “free domain” websites plus 25 “own domain” websites.

To create an “own domain” website, first you’d have to buy your own domain (at, Wealthy Affiliate itself, etc.). A domain typically costs $10-$15 per year. However, it’ll be your very own space and asset on the Internet and, like real estate and paper assets, increase in value as you publish quality content and build out your website. “Own domains” also rank better in the search engines, but free domains can rank very well also, so you can certainly start off with a free domain and later move your website to your own domain if you want.

2) Enter a name for your domain. Next is choosing a name for your domain, which is also going to be your website URL. Below I’ve entered as my [free] domain name:

3) Enter a name for your website. Your website name is just going to be the same as your domain name, but in different format. And since the domain name that I’ve chosen above is, I simply entered my website name as Money Making Expert. And that’s all to it.

4) Choose a “theme” (a ‘look’/design) for your website. Free members will have 12 selected themes to choose from whereas premium members can select from 2,738 designs at the latest count (see below).


What Next After Creating a Website?

Creating a website is only a small part of the online marketing process, which can be broken down into four major steps:

1) Deciding on your niche (website topic) – Can be anything you love or enjoy, for example cooking, personal development, making money, fitness, weight loss, fashion, health food, and so on. With more than 3.5 billion people on the Internet, there’s no need to worry about a shortage of people whichever topic you choose to write about on your website
2) Building a website – including setting it up and setting up your SEO
3) Get traffic (website visitors)
4) Earn money, through affiliate marketing, placing ads, etc.

Setting up your website and SEO is as easy as creating your website, and the free training at Wealthy Affiliate covers those two parts as well. In fact, it guides you through the four steps above, which is actually the entire online marketing process. Most of your time will be spent on step no. 3, which is getting lots of people to your website. More people reading your posts/content will lead to MORE opportunities to earn money.

Briefly, what you need to do to get lots of traffic is publish QUALITY posts for your visitors, which give them what they need, whether it’s entertainment, information or product reviews. This creates trust with the search engines, which is what you need to get your posts on the first pages of their search results.

Get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

And that’s all from me. Before I leave you today, if you have ANY questions or comments do leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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