How to Build a Website Online – for Making Money!

Hey everyone, this is Clark, and welcome to Today I want to discuss how to build a website online, that you can then use to make money online. Getting started in Internet marketing nowadays is easier than ever due to the fact that all the technical and complicated aspects of website (site) building and hosting can be taken care of for you behind the scenes.

Billions of dollars are being spent on products and services on the Internet daily, and with your own website you can get in on the action anytime you want. If you don’t have your own product, that’s no problem. You can do affiliate marketing, where you (affiliate) help other people (merchants) to promote their products on your website, and earn commissions from any sales made.

If you don’t like promoting/selling stuff, there are other ways you can make money with your website, such as placing advertisements (ads) on your website and earning a bit of money each time someone clicks on one of your ads.


Your Own Space or “Retail Store” on the Internet

Your website is your own space or “store” online, and by publishing lots of quality content on it you can easily and quickly build trust and authority with the search engines (not to mention your visitors), compared to promoting yourself and your brand through forums and social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

When somebody does a search in Google, Bing or Yahoo, the most relevant pages/posts (content) will show up on the first page of the search results. And only if your content shows up on the first page is it likely to be read. Obviously you want a lot of people to be reading your content every day. An additional visitor is another opportunity to earn money.

The SiteRubix website platform at Wealthy Affiliate lets you create and host your first 2 websites for free. In creating a website, your involvement is just deciding on a name and a design for your site, as well as clicking a few buttons. The whole process can be over in less than a minute, and once you have your own website SiteRubix provides a secure, stable and fast platform for you to manage it.

The four simple steps to building a fully operational website ready for making money (using the SiteRubix platform) are:

Step 1 – Choose the kind of website you want to build
Step 2 – Enter a name for your domain
Step 3 – Enter a name for your website
Step 4 – Select a theme for your website

Let’s go through each one of them.


Choosing The Kind Of Website You Want To Build

The first step is to choose whether you want to build a website “on a free domain” (e.g. or “on a domain you own” (e.g. or or

By registering as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate, you can build two free domain websites via their SiteRubix platform. Only if you’re a premium member can you build (up to) 25 websites on free domains and 25 on “own domains” using SiteRubix.

To build a website on your own domain, you would have to buy one (they typically cost less than $15). An own domain is your very own asset and it will increase in value just like real estate or paper assets as you continue publishing content and growing your website. Own domains also tend to “rank” better in Google and other search engines, but free domains can rank very well too, so by all means start with a free domain – you can move it to your own domain later on.


Entering A Name For Your Domain

The next step is deciding on a name for your (free/own) domain, which will be your website URL. For instance, I have chosen as my domain name below:


Enter A Name For Your Website

Your website name is the same as the name of your domain, but stated in a different format. If your domain name is, then just enter the name of your website as Meditation Expert. That’s basically it.


Selecting A Theme For Your Website

Last but not least, choose a theme (design) for your website. Free members will have 12 hand-picked themes to choose from while premium members have access to over 2,000 designs.


Setting Up Your Website

Once you’ve created a website, the next step is to set it up, which involves the removal of “default” content, as well as the activation of “plugins” that are installed with every website built. After that, and after setting up your SEO, you can get started on creating content.

To build a website using SiteRubix, just register as a free member at Wealthy Affiliate. A free membership at Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to Internet marketing training that guides you from selecting your niche and building a website (free/own) to publishing your first pages/posts and making money. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is the most comprehensive I have experienced yet they are easy-to-follow, even for newbies, plus the people there are always ready to help you if you get stuck in any way. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review, and register as a free member.

That’s all from me today. If you have any questions or comments about building a website, PLEASE feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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