How to Earn Money with a Website

Hello friends, I’m Clark, and welcome to On this page I will share what I know about how to earn money with a website. I’m not sure how far along the road you are in your online business, but for completeness’ sake I’ll try to be as thorough as possible. If you already have a website, you can just skip to the money making part of this post.

By now you should already have your topic or niche, in other words a direction for your business. It could be self-improvement, travel, fitness, music, anything really. If you haven’t selected a niche yet, take some time to think about what are your passions and interests.


Do You Have A Website Already?

Nowadays, creating a website is something that can be done in less than a minute. If you haven’t already got a website, the platform that I use is SiteRubix, and you can build 2 free websites with it. Through four quick and easy steps, you can have a fully operational WordPress website that is safe, stable and fast.

Build a website here.

Building a website and then publishing relevant and high-quality posts (content) on it allows you to develop brand and trust with the search engines and your visitors in a relatively short period of time, as compared to, say, going through forums and social networks. Your website is your online “store”, where you give your visitors what they want (entertainment, help, information), and (if you decide to do affiliate marketing) promote relevant and helpful products to these people.


Money Making Method No. 1: Affiliate Marketing

Once you have a website, there are two popular ways to make money online, and they are affiliate marketing and placing advertisements (ads) on your site.

Under affiliate marketing, you (affiliate) help other people (merchants) to promote their products on your website. Affiliate programs connect you with the merchants. There are over 100,000 affiliate programs online (almost every product has an affiliate program), and to find one, just type product + affiliate program into Google search, for example health food + affiliate program.

Sign up (affiliate programs are free to join) for the affiliate programs that offer the product(s) that you wish to promote, and then get your “affiliate link” for each product. An affiliate link is a URL (for example, that contains your ID for a particular affiliate program product. Use your affiliate links within the content on your website – if somebody pays a visit to your site, clicks on your affiliate link and ends up buying from the merchant, you earn commissions.

Many affiliate programs pay commissions through PayPal. And to receive yours, just sign up for a PayPal account (free) and let the affiliate programs know what is your PayPal email. That’s it.


Money Making Method No. 2: Advertisements

Another popular way to make money is by placing ads on your website. Every time one of your visitors clicks on an ad of yours, some money comes to you.

The most popular ad network is Google Adsense, but if you can’t get your account approved, there are other high-paying ad networks that you can join such as, BidVertiser, VigLink, Chitika and many more.


Step-by-step Training to Build a Money-making Website

If you’re interested in getting non-technical (easy to follow), step-by-step training to build a money-making website, Wealthy Affiliate provides the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry. Their free lessons are more than enough to guide you in creating a website for free to earning your first dollar online. Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

That’s it from me today. If you have any questions or comments at all about how to earn money with a website, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot!

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