How to Quit My Job and Start My Own Business

Hey everyone, Clark here and welcome to Today let us explore the question that many people are asking, how to quit my job and start my own business. What I’m about to recommend to you is free to get started, real easy to implement, and can be done by anyone as long as you have a computer and Internet connection, and know how to use a keyboard to write.

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Traditional Vs. Internet Business

With a traditional business, whether it’s a farm, restaurant, jewelry store, etc., you typically have to deal with high overheads and capital expenditures. Thus, it’ll be years before you break even and start to make profits. Which is why a lot of small businesses fail within the first two years.

For example, if you run a farm, you have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on machinery, fertilizer, chemicals for weeds, staffing, and so on. Not only that, you have to pray for the right weather at the right time so that you can produce a good-quality crop.

On the other hand, with an online business it costs $0 to start, except for the fact that you need a computer/laptop and Internet connection. It is also easy to get started (build a website) because all the technical aspects of website building (and hosting) can be taken care of behind the scenes.

Creating a website and then making money with it is also called online marketing, and I’ll be using that term going forward. Of course, once your Internet business is on the road it is recommended that you spend up to a few hundred dollars per year to scale your business to greater heights, but the decision is totally up to you and anyway a few hundred dollars per year is much lesser than what you’d have to spend for a traditional business.


What Are The Steps In Online Marketing?

To do this, no previous experience in selling or managing a business is required. The process of online marketing can be broken down into four major steps and they are:

1) Decide on a niche (website theme/topic)
2) Create a website
3) Get traffic (website visitors)
4) Earn money

Let’s briefly go through the steps one-by-one.

Firstly, choose a niche, which is the direction of your business and what you’d be writing about on your website. It could be anything you love or enjoy, for instance cooking, fitness, fashion, pets, travel, weight loss, musical instruments, etc. With billions of people online, there is no shortage of people in any niche that you’ve chosen. Over time, you can build and manage multiple websites catering to many niches.

Secondly, create a website, which is your “space” or “store” on the Internet. You can build up to two free websites at Wealthy Affiliate (WA), which is an online marketing training website that also prepares a state-of-the-art (yet simplistic) website platform for its members. Building a website using the platform at WA takes less than a minute, and you just need to decide on your name and design for it.

Thirdly, get people to come visit your website and read your posts/content. Having more visitors means you have more opportunities to make money with your website. Write quality posts that give your visitors (potential customers) what they want, whether it is entertainment, information or product reviews within your niche that can help them make informed decisions. Writing and publishing engaging, relevant and helpful posts gets you trust/authority from the search engines, which puts your website posts on page 1 of their search results, and this is exactly what you need if you want people to click on your posts and read what you’ve written.

Finally, it is time to earn some money. Affiliate marketing is where you help other people (who are called merchants) to promote their products on your website. Another popular and lucrative way of earning money with your website is by placing advertisements/ads on your website, and each time somebody visits your website and clicks on one of the ads, you earn some money.


Build Your Own Online Business Today For $0

Online marketing can earn you a full-time income or much more if you’re willing to work hard at it. If you register for a free membership at WA, you can access the first 10 lessons of their two official training courses, which guide you through the four steps above and get your online business well on the road. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review (links to join here).

That’s all from me today, and as always if you have ANY questions or comments at all please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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