How to Survive Without a Job

Hey everyone, I’m Clark, and welcome to This post is about how to survive without a job, and if you’re here I hope right now you’re not in a too stressful position financially. I would like to share with you a great method of making money online and it is free to get started, but it will take some time and hard work initially before you see some real results (about 3-6 months if you do it right).

If you still have a job but are thinking of escaping the “rat race”, then this is something that you can explore in your free time. So don’t quit your job just yet.


If You Need Money Urgently…

If you need some money now, below are a few ideas for you to consider:

1) Rent your rooms. If you own a house, you can rent out some of the rooms. This is a good way to pay off some of your bills, and at the same time you can keep an eye on your tenants

2) Tutor in a subject you know. If you were good at a subject in school, find a private tuition center near your house, or provide one-to-one tutoring to help kids do better in school

3) Babysitting. See if anyone in your neighborhood needs help looking after their kids

4) Borrow from friends or family. Enough said

If you’re not in need of money urgently, then my no. 1 recommendation is online (or Internet) marketing. People always have the notion that online marketing is technical and complicated, and that you need to be an amazing salesperson to be successful at it. However, you can actually have your own website by today for free, and most important of all you don’t need any prior experience in selling whatsoever.


What is Online Marketing About? – A Brief Explanation

There are just 4 key steps in online marketing, and it is a proven process that successful online marketers/business owners use.

Step 1 is choosing a niche (interest or passion). A niche is just a group of people looking for the same thing. It could be “bodybuilding” or “weight loss”, it could be “online dating”, it could be “gaming”, it could be “travel”, etc. Any niche you pick can be hugely profitable simply because there are more than 3 billion people online in 2017.

Step 2 is building a website. A website is important to any online marketing business. Your website is your online “store” – where you welcome potential customers and help them solve their problems. Building your first website at Wealthy Affiliate takes less than a minute and costs absolutely nothing. They also provide free training lessons to help you build your first website online and get your business started.

You can read my review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

Step 3 is getting traffic (people) to come visit your website. This is done by creating relevant and helpful content that offers a QUALITY experience to your website visitors. Google and the other search engines are looking for the best content for any particular “search term” (a word or phrase that you type in the search engines when looking for something online).

Step 4 is earning MONEY. Once you have built a website, one of the most popular and lucrative methods to make money online is affiliate marketing, where you promote other people’s products or services and earn commissions if people end up buying due to your efforts.

Learn more about the 4 key steps of making money online here.


How Much Time Will It Take To Be Successful?

People want instant success when they start any kind of venture, but it takes time, hard work and dedication, not to mention discipline, to build a successful business online.

Some people, though, have managed to build a full-time income within 3-6 months of STARTING their online business. Those who work through the weekends and treat their business as a seven-day-a-week entity are those that succeed online at the highest rate.

To get started, first you need to build a website. To do that, simply register for a free starter account at Wealthy Affiliate. Click on the link below to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate – and click on the links on that page to go to the Wealthy Affiliate website where you can register for a starter account.

Get started with Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s it from me today. If you have any questions or comments about online marketing, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “How to Survive Without a Job”

  1. I like your niche topic. It is definitely important to manage people’s expectations regarding making money online. Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best affiliate marketing site out there. The platform gives you the tools to succeed and an amazing support community. Certainly success requires hard work and doesn’t come overnight.

  2. This is a great article. I love the way you simplified the information into concise steps to take and explain online marketing. I strongly agree with your statement that it will take a lot of time initially to get a business off the ground to earn full time income. I think 3 – 6 months is optimistic, but as you pointed out, it can be done. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Love the article here Clark.
    Straight to the point and the idea of comparing offline and online earnings is excellent.
    If you need cash now go out and earn it.
    Great lead into WA too.

  4. Clark,

    This is a very appealing and educational post. I am always online looking for new and better ways to make some cash other than my 9 to 5. I like that you are very honest in this post as to how long it will take before you start to see a return in your revenue. By the time I finished your post I was ready to jump all in. I noticed you can start for free which intrigues me and everyone else I’m sure. If and when I choose to I’m sure there is a paying membership option which is perfectly fine as I have no issue paying a little if I’m actually going to make a return on that and then profit from it as well. My question here though is how much per month, quarter or year does this program charge on average? Once again thank you for this informative post and for answering my questions.

    • Hey Noah, thank you for reading this post and having interest in Wealthy Affiliate. I would advise your next step to read my Wealthy Affiliate review. The price for a premium membership is $49/month or $359/year, but first test out the free membership. And let me know here or inside Wealthy Affiliate if you need any help from me.

  5. Affiliate marketing thank god for that. I am on my very beginning with affiliate marketing and I see the potential and I can not imagine how I could do it without Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle is for me more than a teacher, he is my mentor, my friend, Wealthy Affiliate made my journey absolutely easier. I highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate for everyone beginners or experts.

  6. You make online marketing seem really easy and Wealthy Affiliate does sound ideal as it’s free to start. However there is usually a catch somewhere. How much will I need to invest to become successful within 6 months ?

    • To be honest, how much you make in 6 months’ time depends on how much effort you put into building out your website, plus how good you are at it. It is certainly recommended to upgrade to a Wealthy Affiliate premium membership due to all the extra training and tools that you’ll receive, but it is also possible to achieve success for free. My advice is to first join on a free membership, so you can test things out and see if you want to proceed any further. But give it a chance. After all, it’s free.


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