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Hey everyone, this is Clark, and welcome to Today, I want to talk about entrepreneur online training programs that I would recommend. With so many online scams nowadays, the surest way not to get ripped off is to find a free program that lets you learn-and-do, so that you can test it out and see if you can earn money from it, before you decide whether to go any further.

There’s only one place I know of that provides that kind of service, and the website is called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s where I created my first (and subsequent) online businesses, and I would recommend the same for you if you’re keen on starting one yourself.


What Do You Learn at Wealthy Affiliate?

Free members at Wealthy Affiliate get access to the first ten lessons of their two “official” training courses, the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course (OECC) and the WA Affiliate Bootcamp (WAAB). Go through the OECC first and then the WAAB, that’s the logical sequence.

The above ten lessons are from the first level of the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. The purpose of this course is to teach you how to create and grow a business online, and then lets you to actually do it (using the platform at Wealthy Affiliate). Creating/Growing an online business is sometimes called online or Internet marketing.

Take the second lesson for example, “Understanding How to Make Money Online”. The process of making money online can be broken down into four simple steps and they are:

Step 1 – Select a niche (topic)
Step 2 – Build a website
Step 3 – Get traffic (website visitors)
Step 4 – Make money

Lesson 3 takes you through the first step. Your niche or website topic can be anything you enjoy – fitness, pets, men’s fashion, cooking, self-improvement, travel, weight loss, the list is endless. You’re going to be writing and publishing content on your website based on your topic.

Next is creating a website (your own space or “store” on the Internet). You can create and host two websites for free using the website platform at Wealthy Affiliate, and as you go through the training you can apply what you’ve learnt with your two websites. Lesson 4 takes care of this, plus the other Wealthy Affiliate members are always ready to help if you get stuck in any way.

Having a website is going to be absolutely ideal for making money online. After creating a website, setting it up (lesson 5) and setting up your SEO (lesson 6), your main task is to create/publish lots of quality (relevant, engaging, helpful) content on it for your visitors, which allows you to build trust with the search engines, and when somebody does a search in Google or some other search engine your relevant post (content) will likely show up on the first page of the search results. Only if your post shows up on page 1 is it likely to be read, and more people reading your content means more opportunities for you to earn money with your website.

To make money with your website, one of the most lucrative and popular methods is affiliate marketing, in which you help other people to promote their products on your website and earn commissions. You will learn more about this in the WA Affiliate Bootcamp. Another way to make money online, without selling anything, is placing ads (advertisements) on your website, although you will only learn about this by becoming a premium member.

WA Affiliate Bootcamp is a course designed to help you promote Wealthy Affiliate, and you should go through it after the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. And let me just take the opportunity to disclose here that if you end up joining Wealthy Affiliate via any of my links and upgrade to premium, I will make a commission, though there will be no change to the price that you pay.


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A free membership at Wealthy Affiliate lets you have access to online entrepreneur training that guides you from selecting your niche and creating a free website, to publishing your first pages/posts online and earning money. You also get to rub shoulders with a community of online entrepreneurs, many of whom have built successful businesses online.

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And that’s all from me today. If you have any questions or comments at all, DO leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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