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Hey everyone, this is Clark. Welcome to Today let me suggest (in my opinion) the best course for Internet marketing to join. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me, but you can test it out for free so there’s no financial risk. If you have any questions at all while reading, let me know in the comment box below and I’ll be very happy to help you out.


Which One To Go For?

There must be no less than 20 “reputable” Internet marketing training programs on the Internet. So which one to go for? The surest way to get your money’s worth is to test out a course for free, so that you can see if you can really make money doing what they teach BEFORE deciding whether or not to pay for more advanced training.

The only free yet comprehensive training course I know of, that guides you through the entire basic process of Internet marketing from deciding on the direction of your business to earning money is the one at Wealthy Affiliate.

Free members at Wealthy Affiliate can go through the first 10 lessons of each of their two official training courses, which are called Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and Affiliate Bootcamp. What I recommend is experience the free Certification Course training first, then the Affiliate Bootcamp.


What Do The Free Lessons Teach?

The above 10 lessons are from the Certification Course Level 1. To better understand the title of each lesson, first you need to know the four major steps of Internet marketing (lesson 2), which are:

1) Select a niche (website topic)
2) Create a website
3) Get traffic (website visitors)
4) Make money

Lesson 3 (Choose a Niche) guides you through the first step. Your website topic can be anything that you love or enjoy – men’s fashion, cooking, fitness, women’s fashion, musical instruments, pets, traveling, weight loss, the list is endless. With more than 3.5 billion people on the Internet, you don’t have to worry about a shortage of people in any niche. You’ll be writing (typing) and publishing pages/posts (content) on your website based on your topic.

Step 2 is creating a website (lesson 4) which will be your own space or “retail/department store” on the Internet. You can build and host two websites for free using the secure website platform at Wealthy Affiliate. As you go through the free training, you can apply what you’ve learnt with these two websites.

After you create a website, the next step is to set it up (lesson 5), which involves the removal of your website “default” content as well as the activation of “plugins”. And after that is setting up your SEO (lesson 6).

Having a website is absolutely ideal for making money on the Internet. By publishing relevant, engaging and helpful content on your website, you can quickly gain trust from Google and other search engines, which means when someone does a search for something online using one of the search engines your website’s relevant post is likely to show up on the first page of the search results. Only if your post or content is on the first page is it likely to be clicked and read, and of course getting more people to read your content (step 3) = more opportunities to make money.

The fourth step is making money, and with good traffic it is definitely possible to do that. One of the most lucrative and popular methods is affiliate marketing, where you help other people promote their products on your website and earn commissions when customers make a purchase. You’ll learn more in the Affiliate Bootcamp, where you’ll promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Another lucrative + popular method to make money online is placing “advertisements” (ads) on your website and earn money each time somebody clicks on one of your ads, although you’ll only learn this as a premium member.


A word about the Premium Training

The full training includes 50 lessons from the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course and 70 lessons from the Affiliate Bootcamp, plus weekly live training videos, live case studies, etc. They cost $30-$49 a month (depending on whether you pay monthly or yearly – if you pay yearly you will get a discount). The full training is more than enough for you to build and drive multiple full-time income businesses over time.

Read my Wealthy Affiliate review, and register for free.

And that’s it from me. Before I leave you, if you have any questions or comments DO feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out or start a discussion. Thanks!

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