The Best Jobs Working From HOME – This Rocks!

Hey everyone, Clark here and a big welcome to Today let us discuss the best jobs working from home, and the term “jobs” in the title might be a bit misleading because you decide how much money you make by the amount of effort that you put in.

First up, this is something you can do in addition to your job. So don’t quit your job yet :). Test things out and see if you can earn money doing online marketing from home (or anywhere as long as you have a laptop or portable computer) before deciding how to proceed. Online marketing is my recommendation and if you’re really put off by the phrase, stop reading now and leave…

Oh, you’re still here! ALRIGHT, let’s go on then.


Why Online Marketing Rocks!

The thing about online marketing is that you don’t necessarily have to sell anything to make money. For example, have you heard of ad networks such as Google Adsense, Chitika, etc.? By placing advertisements (ads) on your website, each time somebody clicks on any of your ads you make a bit of money.

However, you certainly CAN earn money through selling products or services, and the top recommendation is to sell other people’s products and earn commissions instead of creating your own product (where you need to consider a whole lot of things although you can get really rich doing that).

If you’re not yet familiar with the process of online marketing, here it is:

1) Select your niche or website topic – which can be ANYTHING that you love or enjoy
2) Create your website – and all the technical aspects can be taken care of for you nowadays
3) Get traffic [website visitors] – which is key to being successful and making lots of money. More people visiting your website and reading your content means more opportunities for you to earn money with your website
4) Earn money – through affiliate marketing, placing ads, etc.

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Wealthy Affiliate provides free yet comprehensive online marketing training that guides you through the four steps above and gets your online business up and running. They also provide a website platform where you can build and host two actual websites for free and use them to apply what you’ve learnt in the training. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review.

I know I said ‘jobs’ (plural) in the title, but over time you can have many websites, and be in various niches or industries. For example, you may have three websites, one relating to personal development, one regarding fitness and one about cooking (although with multiple websites and businesses you may need to hire people to help you manage them). You may have a website that earns money with affiliate marketing, a website that earns money with advertisements and a website that does both, so there are many “jobs” that you can explore with online marketing.

No capital is necessary to start an online business, although later on (when you have your online business up and running) it is recommended that you upgrade to premium at Wealthy Affiliate for better results. And anyway if you do decide to upgrade it’s only a few hundred dollars per year and I would certainly recommend it. Creating and running an online business is unlike a traditional business, where you’ll have high overheads and capital expenditures, and take years just to break even and start making profits.


How Much Can You Earn With Online Marketing?

Just to be clear, I’m not earning the below amounts yet, but they are said to be realistic estimates of what you can earn with an online marketing business:

Month 1: $0 (You’ve created and set up your website, and published 5-10 posts [content] on it to get things started)

Month 3: $0-$500 a month (Your posts are starting to get ranked in the search engines, and traffic is beginning to grow; you’ve published 30-60 posts on your website, and made a few sales)

Month 6: $500-$3,000 a month (You’re beginning to gain some trust from Google and other search engines; you’ve published 60-100 posts, and you are making consistent sales)

1 year: $3,000-$10,000 a month (You’re getting some serious trust from the search engines; you’ve published 100-150 posts on your website and you are making daily sales now)

2 years: $10,000-$20,000 a month (You’ve published 200-300 posts, and business is flourishing)

5 years: $20,000-$50,000 a month (You’re an authority in your niche; you may be scaling your business through paid channels, and you have hired several people to work for you)

Online marketing ROCKS! Get free and comprehensive online marketing training here.

That’s all from me, and if you have any questions or comments regarding today’s topic PLEASE leave them below and I’ll be happy to help you out or start a discussion. Thanks!

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