Top Jobs Working From Home

Hi everyone, this is Clark, and welcome to this website. Today’s topic is the top jobs working from home, and without further ado let’s get started.

Let’s start with non-online jobs:

I think catering is a cool working-from-home job (though technically you have to deliver the food to people’s homes), but you’ll need to be a good cook. If you’re interested in this, ask around your neighborhood and your first customers can help to spread the word once they’ve tasted your delicious meals. Catering is really popular with families where both its parents are working.

If you were good at a subject in school, such as science, geography or mathematics, you can of course provide one-to-one tutoring to help kids or teenagers do better in school.


Internet Jobs

Though home jobs like data entry and filling in surveys are very popular, I wouldn’t recommend them due to the fact that you’ll be spending lots of your time for near-minimum wages. Sure, you can earn some extra pocket money, but not a full-time income.

My recommended online work-from-home job is Internet marketing. Anyone can do it with a computer and a reasonable speed Internet connection.

I’m not familiar with other Internet jobs besides data entry, surveys and Internet marketing, but based on my observation thus far other online jobs require a specific set of skills or circumstances for you to get started.

Internet marketing involves creating and growing a business online. And if you have a website it is not necessary to sell anything (though you can) to make money.

With 3.5-plus BILLION people on the Internet, searching for information and for products that will fulfil their needs, your income potential is unlimited if I may say so.

There are four steps to create + grow an online business and they are:

1) Choose a direction for your business. Pick a topic/niche that you enjoy or love. It can be fitness, it can be self-improvement, it can be travel, guitars, the list is endless. With more than 3.5 billion people online, there is no shortage of people in ANY niche.

2) Build a website, which is your online “retail store”, where you publish quality content that helps your visitors get what they want. Nowadays you can build a website just by typing a few words and clicking a few buttons. The technical aspects of website building can be taken care of behind the scenes. Having a website of your own is ideal for Internet marketers. With a website, you can build trust with the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), not to mention your visitors, in a relatively short amount of time by publishing relevant and helpful content for your visitors.

3) Attract a lot of visitors to your website for free, by publishing relevant and helpful posts (content). This builds trust and authority with Google and other search engines, and with trust and authority, when somebody who wants to look for something on the Internet types in a “search term” into Google or another search engine, your relevant post will show up on page 1 of the search results, and is more likely to be read by him/her. Publish frequently, at least until you’ve “made it” (acquired authority from the search engines). You’ll know when it happens. Spend 4-6 hours daily creating new content during the initial phase of your business, and it is certainly possible for you to earn a full-time passive income (say, $2,000 to $3,000 per month) within 6 months of getting started.

4) Earn money. A popular way is through affiliate marketing, where you (affiliate) promote products for other people (merchants) on your website. You earn commissions if people buy from the merchants due to your efforts. Another popular way to make money is placing advertisements/ads on your website (no selling involved), and each time your visitor clicks on one of your ads you earn a bit of money.

If you’re interested to create an online business for free, Wealthy Affiliate provides free training that guides you in choosing a topic for your business to creating a free website and then publishing your first post. The free training lessons are non-technical and easy to follow even for newbies and we’re always there to help you if you get stuck. To get started, read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

And that’s it from me. If you have any questions or comments at all regarding today’s topic, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot!

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