Ways College Students Make Money Online

Hello friends, this is Clark. Today, let us discuss some of the ways college students make money online, and hopefully that will help you earn some money yourself.

And out of the various ways that college students are making money, let me share with you my no. 1 recommendation, which I think is just perfectly suited to college students.


Data Entry, Online Surveys, plus My No. 1 Recommendation

Data Entry

If you’re just out to earn some pocket money, you may consider data entry. It involves transforming information into electronic format, and sometimes, you’re required to verify or edit the data as you enter them. A lot of data entry jobs do not require prior experience.

You can expect to earn $10-$15 per hour for entry level projects, though online data entry jobs usually pay per-word, per-project, per-audio minute, etc.

Below are a few freelancing websites that post various online jobs, including a good number of data entry jobs:

1) Guru.com

2) Upwork.com

3) PeoplePerHour.com

4) Fiverr.com

5) MTurk.com

6) Freelancer.com

To get started, set up a free account in the above websites, then look for job postings of clients seeking data entry operators.

The job postings on the above websites are usually legitimate. But with an online venture there is always the risk of being scammed. Just bear in mind that you should never be asked to make any kind of payment at all for a job that you’re applying for. Also, low-skill jobs do not pay high wages. Therefore, an organization that promises you big, fast and easy money is likely trying to cheat you.

Online Surveys

An increasingly popular way for college students to make money online is filling out surveys. Research companies are always looking for people to answer their surveys and test their products.

Some of the best-paying online survey websites that I heard of include Swagbucks, Toluna, Valued Opinions, YouGov and Vivatic, though I can’t tell you very much about them because I’m not a huge fan of online surveys.

My No. 1 Recommendation: Online Marketing

None of the above is my no. 1 recommendation, simply because they are essentially activities that will always require your time and for small wages. If you’re a college student, why not spend your free time building an online marketing business instead? Contrary to popular belief, online marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme – you have to build a website, attract visitors and generate sales – though you do have to be careful of the many scams out there.

Online marketing allows you to earn a passive income working from anywhere in the world. To get started, you do not need any capital, and you do not need any previous experience in selling whatsoever.


What is Online Marketing? And Where to Get Started?

Now that I’m in the online marketing business myself, I wished I had started when I was in school.

Online marketing is promoting a brand, product or service (not necessarily your own) on the Internet. The Internet has changed how people purchase stuff. Billions of dollars are being spent on products and services online every day. And to give you an idea of the potential of online marketing, the affiliate marketing (promoting other people’s products/services) industry only generated $3.4 billion sales in 2016.

There are just 4 steps to online marketing and they are:

1) Choose a niche, which is a group of people looking for the same thing.

2) Build a website, which is your “shop” – where you’re going to explain to your visitors/potential customers how you can help them with their problem. Wealthy Affiliate provides a platform where you can build and “host” a maximum of 2 free websites. By registering for a free starter account over there, you also get access to 20 beginner online marketing lessons, which will guide you in building your first website and getting your online marketing business started.

3) Attract lots of visitors, and publishing content frequently, at least at the initial stage, is key to this

4) Earn money

Learn more about the 4 steps here.

In my opinion, Wealthy Affiliate provides the most comprehensive online marketing training in the whole industry, and as mentioned above it is free to get started. With a starter account at Wealthy Affiliate, you can build your first website on the Internet and earn your first dollar online.

Read my review of Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s all from me today. As always if you have any questions or comments about making money online, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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