What is an Internet Marketing Business?

Hey everyone, welcome to BecomeWealthyWithMe.com. This is Clark, and on this post let me share with you my understanding of what is an internet marketing business.

Internet marketing is simply the activity of promoting a brand, product or service (not necessarily your own) on the Internet. To do this, you’re going to need a website. And before you start to think that building a website is something technical and convoluted, it is something that can be done in less than a minute (more on that below). Nowadays, LOTS of technical stuff can be taken care of for you.

In spite of the term “marketing”, you really don’t need ANY prior experience in selling to get started or be successful. Many successful Internet business owners today were not salespeople when they began. You simply need to communicate like you would with a friend. You also do not need a product of your own, AND you do not need any capital to get started other than a laptop and an Internet connection.

In 2017, there are more than 3.5 billion people on the Internet, searching for information or solutions to their everyday problems. These people are spending billions of dollars online on products and services DAILY.

Just imagine if you could just get a small piece of the pie. Even 0.1% of the number of people online equals 3.5-plus MILLION.


The Basics of Internet Marketing

Before we go on further, let me just briefly run through the 4 fundamental steps of Internet marketing:

Choose a niche: A niche is essentially a group of people who is looking for the same thing. What is your hobby or passion? Pick something that you enjoy doing, so that Internet marketing will feel less like a job. Your niche could be “weight loss”, “self-improvement”, “music”, “pets”, “travel”, anything really. With more than 3.5 billion people online, even the smallest niche can be hugely profitable.

Build a website: Your website is going to be your online “store”, where you welcome your potential customers and promote products or services to them, which will hopefully solve their problems. And over at Wealthy Affiliate, building your first website is completely free and it takes less than a minute.

Get traffic: Traffic is people that visit your website. To get lots of free traffic, you have to create relevant, helpful and informative content that can help your website visitors solve their immediate problems. When someone types in a “search term”, which is a word or phrase that you type in Google or other search engines when looking for something online, the best content for that search term will be the ones that show up on their page 1 results.

Earn money: Once you have a website, there are various ways to make money online. Affiliate marketing, where you earn commissions by promoting other people’s products, is one of the most lucrative ways. In 2016, the affiliate marketing industry generated over $3 billion in sales. Another popular and lucrative method is placing “ads” or advertisements on your website, and each time one of your visitors clicks on an ad, you make money.


What Does It Take To Be Successful?

Some people have managed to generate a FULL-TIME income within 3-6 months of building a brand new website. So how did they do it?

A key factor is getting the right Internet marketing training. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and access the first 10 lessons of each of the 2 “official” training courses offered there. The beginner lessons will guide you to build your very first website and get your Internet marketing business on the road.

With a free (starter) account, you get to build and “host” a maximum of 2 websites at Wealthy Affiliate. So as you go through the 20 beginner lessons you can implement what you’ve learnt using the 2 free websites.

Wealthy Affiliate has the most advanced and comprehensive Internet marketing training in the industry, though you have to be a premium member to access their entire training library.

The other key factor in building a full-time income within months of building a new website, I believe, is spending a few hours on your website every day, including the weekends. If you’re just looking to earn some extra money then of course you don’t need to work as hard, but to build a full-time income there is no substitute for hard work. Once you have a full-time income though, building multiple full-time incomes is a definite possibility.

If you want to get started in Internet marketing, read my post on Wealthy Affiliate here.

And that is all from me today. If you have any questions or comments about Internet marketing, don’t be shy to leave them below. I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks a lot!

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