What is the Best Affiliate Program to Join

Hey there, this is Clark and a big welcome to BecomeWealthyWithMe.com. If you’re an affiliate marketer, you may have a hard time deciding which affiliate program product(s) to promote. With more than 100k affiliate programs to sign up for online, how do you know which affiliate programs pay on time, and which affiliate programs pay a high affiliate commission rate? Below I’ll give you my opinion of what is the best affiliate program to join, and if you have any QUESTIONS or COMMENTS please leave them below and I’ll be really glad to help you out or engage in a discussion with you.

Above I’ve used terms that should have been familiar to seasoned affiliate marketers, but if you’re new to affiliate marketing and would like to get up to speed, read my post: How to Make Money with Online Affiliate Marketing


My Affiliate Program Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is a hugely popular and honest online (Internet) marketing training website that guides its members to make money online with their websites.

The money-making niche is one of the most popular in the affiliate marketing industry, as almost everyone you ask would like a dollar or two extra. People who were laid off, people who’re earning a low salary, university students, people who wants flexible working hours, stay-at-home moms, people looking to get rich quick – almost everyone can benefit from joining WA.

So there are two membership levels at WA – starter (free) and premium (paid). As a starter member, you get access to the first 10 lessons of WA’s two official training courses. The free lessons guide you through the process of getting your online business up and running. You’ll also get to use their state-of-the-art website platform to create and run your websites/online businesses. WA is also the most helpful community of online marketers I’ve come across – always ready to help each other out.

You automatically join the WA affiliate program by signing up as a free member yourself, and then going through the WA Affiliate Bootcamp which guides you through the process of promoting WA step-by-step. If somebody joins WA as a free member through your affiliate link and upgrades to premium you’ll get paid commissions. WA is a digital product and you can promote it to anyone anywhere in the world.



How Lucrative Is It?

A decent percentage of starter members WILL upgrade to premium due to all the additional value-adding benefits that they’ll get. For instance, premium members can access all lessons of WA’s two official training courses (which include lessons on pay-per-click marketing), the weekly live training videos, the live case studies and all other training basically. Premium members can also create and run a maximum of 50 websites at WA which is more than enough for any member to generate multiple full-time incomes.

To become a premium member, the price is $49 a month, or $359 a year. As a free member at WA, you’ll receive $11.75 (24%) for monthly-paying premium members and $87.50 for yearly-paying premium members. If you’re a premium member at WA yourself your commissions will be doubled. And that’s the commission structure.

Notice that members pay either monthly or yearly, so you’ll receive recurring commissions. If someone joins WA as a free member, then upgrades to premium and stay for years and years, you’ll earn commissions from that member every month/year. And there are good, strong reasons for staying with WA that long, not least the 50 websites that they can create and host using the advanced website platform at WA.


And You Can Get Started Today

To start promoting WA to your traffic, first join WA as a free member, then go through the WA Affiliate Bootcamp lessons which guide you to promote WA. Finally, WA has never missed an affiliate payment since its inception, and they pay out millions of dollars every year. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review (links to join here).

That’s all from me today, and as always if you have ANY questions or comments at all please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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