What is The Best Keyword Tool for SEO???

Hey everyone, Clark here and welcome to BecomeWealthyWithMe.com. Is there one BEST keyword tool for SEO? On this page I’ll recommend a keyword tool that I’ve been using for years successfully, and that I’d continue to use for all of my online businesses.

For completeness’ sake, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the process of improving the visibility (ranking) of a website or website page/post in a search engine’s search results. Having your posts on the first pages of search results is necessary if you want people to click on them (visit your website) and read your content. These visitors can potentially be converted to become your customers.


Keyword and Keyword Tools

You might already know that every post you publish on your website should be targeting a quality keyword, that you’d insert somewhere in the title of the post as well as somewhere in the first paragraph.

A keyword is a word or phrase that you type into Google (or some other search engine) when you’re looking for something on the Internet. For instance, I typed in the keyword “meditation audios” using Google Search and Google presented me with the following results:

Keyword tools are used to determine which words/phrases are quality keywords. Each post you create and publish should be targeting a keyword that:
1) Is related to your niche (website theme/topic)
2) Makes grammatical sense
3) Has more than 30 monthly searches on average
4) Has less than 100 QSR (competition). The less competition the better your post’s chances of getting ranked on page 1

Good keyword tools are those that provide you with such information – number of searches as well as competition – and ACCURATE information at that.


How to Use the Wealthy Affiliate’s Keyword Tool

The keyword tool I’ve been using for years is the Wealthy Affiliate (WA) one. WA is a popular and reputable online/Internet marketing training plus doing website and naturally they have all the tools for starting and running an online business. Just so we’re clear, to use the WA keyword tool you need to be a premium member at WA. You do get 30 free keyword searches as a free member.

The 30 free searches are on Jaaxy, which works the same way as the WA keyword tool because they were created by the same people.

So using the WA keyword tool, I researched the keyword “meditation audios”:

The keyword that I had typed in makes grammatical sense, else I wouldn’t use it as I am publishing content not for the search engines but for my website visitors.

“Meditation audios” has 56 monthly searches, which do meet our criterion of more than 30. By the way, there are unlimited keywords for any niche and you can certainly find keywords with more than 30 or even 50 searches per month.

As you can see below, the competition for “meditation audios” is 307. This is the number of pages or posts that would compete with your website for visitors and readership in Google. Yes, the WA keyword tool metrics are based on Google, which owns more than half of all searches made online. 307 is way more than our maximum. With a new website, I would usually look for keywords with less than 50 competition, or less than 10 if possible. As your website ages and gains trust from the search engines, you can go for keywords with less than 200 QSR.

So I researched “free meditation audios”, and going through the results I saw “free meditation audio downloads” which has 48 searches monthly and 15 competition. I’d certainly prefer to create a post around this keyword instead of “free meditation audios” which only has 40 searches per month and 64 competition.

Now that I have a quality keyword to write content around, I’ll just insert it somewhere in my post’s title and somewhere within the first paragraph. Then I’d just write naturally for the rest of the post, and it’ll have the opportunity to rank under its targeted keyword.


How Accurate is the Keyword Tool at Wealthy Affiliate?

I’m afraid I don’t know how to determine the accuracy of the WA keyword tool (rest assured there’re a lot of technical aspects going on behind the scenes), but I’ve been using it for all my online businesses, and they produce consistent income. So in my mind it works like a charm.

Sign up for a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate, and get 30 free keyword searches on Jaaxy.

That’s all for today, and as always if you have ANY questions or comments please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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