What is WEALTHY AFFILIATE about – Scam or Not

Hello friends, this is Clark. If you’re here, I believe a burning question you have right NOW is what is Wealthy Affiliate about – scam or not is probably the question near the top of your list.

First up, let me give you a brief overview of Wealthy Affiliate, as well as my personal ratings – what I really think of it.


A Brief Overview and My Personal Ratings

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Owners: Kyle and Carson (It does not belong to me!)
Website URL: WealthyAffiliate.com
What is it for: Earning some extra money (free starter membership) to creating a full-time income or beyond (premium membership)
Training, Tools and Support: 98 out of 100
Website Builder (Technical aspects): 100 out of 100 (All complicated technical aspects taken care of behind the scenes)
Price: Starter membership ($0/month); Premium membership ($49/month, $359/year)
Overall Rating: 98 out of 100


Getting Started

The purpose of joining Wealthy Affiliate is to:

1) Learn about online marketing (the steps to build a full-time income, or beyond that, and brand online), then

2) Actually do it (using the platform at Wealthy Affiliate), without needing any prior experience, product to sell, and most importantly, without needing any capital to start your online business other than an internet connection

There are only two memberships offered at Wealthy Affiliate – starter and premium.

It is FREE to register as a starter member. No credit card details are required, and you can remain a starter member forever.

There are two training courses on offer (more on that below), and as a free member you can experience the first 10 lessons of each course. These 20 beginner lessons are already enough for you to build your first website and get your online business on the road.

Starter members can also create and “host” 2 whole websites via the SiteRubix website building platform at Wealthy Affiliate, and as a starter you will have 12 hand-picked themes or designs (“looks”) to choose from for your sites. As you go through the 20 starter lessons you will have the chance to implement what you’ve learnt with your 2 free websites.

Building a website sounds like a scary process, but fortunately at Wealthy Affiliate all complicated technical aspects are taken care of for you behind the scenes (which is my favorite thing about Wealthy Affiliate). Thus, building your website involves choosing a name for your site, and clicking a few buttons, which can take less than a minute!! Wealthy Affiliate is the industry leader in the website development space, and they have the most advanced yet simplistic website platform in the world.

Last but not least, as a starter member you get to join a community of caring experts here at Wealthy Affiliate, where we help each other achieve success. I think that’s the kind of support one needs when starting out as an online business owner.


Step-By-Step Training to Generate a FULL TIME Income

There are 4 steps to creating an income online:

Step 1 – Choose an interest or niche. This can be anything that you are passionate about. There are infinite interests that you could potentially tap into online, and there are even pre-selected topics for you if you couldn’t come up with a niche currently

Step 2 – Build a website. The whole process can take less than a minute

Step 3 – Focus on getting traffic (people) to your website. You can build a full-time income online based on FREE traffic alone

Step 4 – Earn revenue! Many ways you can do this

I won’t go into the details here, as Kyle does a much better job of presenting the training and you will learn these in detail once you register as a starter member.

There are two training courses (excluding the weekly live training videos, the live case studies and other training) within Wealthy Affiliate – the Online Entrepreneur Certification (beginner training course – 50 lessons), and the Affiliate Bootcamp (70 lessons).

Both these courses lay out the step-by-step actions you need to take in order to build a full-time income online, and they are easy to follow even for those who are completely new to online marketing.

Under the Online Entrepreneur Certification course, there are 5 “levels”:

Level 1 – Getting Started

Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

Level 3 – Making Money!

Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

Level 5 – Achieving Maximum Success through Content Creation

Under each level, there are 10 lessons, and for each lesson there are several action-based tasks that you are required to complete. Which is great because they give you the chance to apply what you’ve learnt and kind of “force” you to interact with the community. Each lesson has a discussion area below the training where you can ask questions which normally get answered within a few minutes.


Starter vs. Premium Membership

If you’ve just only heard about Wealthy Affiliate, then try out the starter membership first. You have plenty of time to decide whether you want to upgrade to premium.

But for completeness sake, allow me to just briefly give you a comparison between the Wealthy Affiliate starter and premium membership.

Some of the biggest advantages of going premium:

– Access to ALL of the trainings at Wealthy Affiliate

– Create and host up to 50 websites

– Unlimited access to the remarkable community here

– High website security

– Access to over 2,000 themes for your website

– Live chat for real-time assistance and idea sharing

As a premium member, you will have complete access to EVERYTHING at Wealthy Affiliate, so it’s well worth the upgrade once you’ve tested things out with the free membership.

==> Join Wealthy Affiliate for Free ($0/month)


My Personal Conclusion – Everything You Need to Create and Grow YOUR Online Business Is Here

If you’re serious about making money online, then register as a starter member today. You really have got nothing to lose.

Before I joined Wealthy Affiliate, I had ZERO experience in managing an online business, or any kind of business for that matter. However, I soon found out I do not need that.

I had what most people would consider a good and stable job, but life was all about looking forward to the weekends and I wasn’t truly happy. By just spending 4-6 hours a day, within 3 months I had an income-producing website with the help of the training, tools and support here. And now I’m in the business of online marketing full-time. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Many people expect instant success when they start an online business, but unfortunately that’s not possible. It takes time and dedication to build out your business and achieve a certain level of success. But just to give you a benchmark, some people have managed to build a full-time income within 3-6 months of joining Wealthy Affiliate, by putting in a certain amount of time and effort each day.

What we ask of you is commit to learn, ask questions and take action by implementing what’s taught by the training courses.

But please don’t just take me at my word. Register for a starter membership, which is absolutely free, and find out for yourself whether the things I told you above are true.

==> Take Your First Step Towards Financial Freedom – Join Wealthy Affiliate for $0

Finally, if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

8 thoughts on “What is WEALTHY AFFILIATE about – Scam or Not”

  1. Interesting information about Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up there a month ago. I created the site in 1 minute.
    The community is great and helpful. Thanks for this post.

  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful review. I am now a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate and have felt that the guidance and support that I have received since joining is unmatched. For a long time I was struggling to find answers to what I thought were simple questions and everything I found would leave me with more questions than answers. I too highly recommend wealthy affiliate if you are serious about getting into affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!

    • Thanks for sharing your views, Jen! More comments like this from actual Wealthy Affiliate (WA) members would certainly help reassure people who are considering investing their time at WA.

  3. Wealthy Affiliate definitely delivers. I have been with them a few months and I am always pleasantly surprised at how awesome the training, not to mention all of the tools you get for such a reasonable price.

    I have bought many online courses but what I came to realize is those courses are never updated and Wealthy Affiliate does a masterful job of keeping its members updated with what is working on the online space as it relates to making money from home.

    The community is also very willing to help any member succeed. As you stated, it takes time to build a successful online business, but Wealthy Affiliate gives you all of the tools and resources to do so.


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