What is Website Affiliate Marketing? Learn How to Get Started

Hey everyone, this is Clark, welcome to BecomeWealthyWithMe.com. If you’re wondering what is website affiliate marketing, I have the answers for you below. And if you read till the end of the page, I promise to let you know how you can get started with website affiliate marketing tonight.

Website affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing via a website (duh!). The website building and hosting platform that I use to create all of my websites is SiteRubix. Anybody can build 2 free websites with SiteRubix, and through just four quick and easy steps you can get a secure, stable and FAST website.


The Affiliate Marketing Process

Affiliate marketing is where you, as the affiliate, promote products (ideally on a website) for other people, who are called merchants. If someone ends up buying the merchant’s product due to your efforts, you earn a commission.

The affiliate marketing industry sales (not commission) in 2016 is $3.4 billion, but it is still largely untapped as of today. There are billions of people online, and there are billions of dollars being spent online on products and services every day. Imagine if you could get a tiny slice of the whole pie – it is more than possible to earn a full-time (passive) income or more.

Affiliate programs connect you and the merchants together. There are over a hundred thousand affiliate programs (for almost every product you can imagine) that you can join. To find an affiliate program, just type product + affiliate program into Google search, for example NFL jerseys + affiliate program. Affiliate programs are free to join, so I would be very suspicious of any affiliate programs that asks for a joining fee.

After you sign up for the affiliate programs that offer the products that you want to promote, get your affiliate link for each product. An affiliate link is a URL (e.g. http://merchant.com/affiliateid) that contains your ID for that particular product. Next, use your affiliate links within the content on your website, and if somebody visits your site, clicks on your link and ends up buying the product from the merchant, you earn commissions.


The Importance of a Website

Promoting products via a website is ideal for affiliate marketers. Compared to promoting your affiliate links on forums and social networks, building a website and then publishing relevant and helpful content on it allows you to build trust with the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo), not to mention your website visitors, in a relatively short amount of time.

With trust from the search engines, when somebody types in a “search term” into Google or some other search engine while looking for something online, your post (content) will show up on page 1 of their search results.


How Do You Receive Payment?

Many affiliate programs will pay you through PayPal, which is the most popular payment processor online. Commissions are usually paid monthly but they could also be paid weekly or even daily. Just sign up for a PayPal account (for free, of course) and let your merchants know what your PayPal email is. You can link your PayPal account to your bank accounts, no problem.


Non-technical, Step-by-step Affiliate Marketing Training

If you’re scared by the term “marketing”, don’t be. You don’t have to be a salesman or professional writer. Just communicate (in writing/typing) like you do with your friends and family. MANY successful affiliate marketers do not have any experience in sales when they began their online business.

If you’re interested in step-by-step affiliate marketing training to build a full-time income (and maybe more), the most advanced and comprehensive training in the industry is provided over at Wealthy Affiliate. Their free training lessons are easy to follow even for newbies and more than enough to guide you in building a website for free to publishing your first post and getting your affiliate business started. Read my Wealthy Affiliate review here.

That’s it from me today. If you have any questions or comments at all about website affiliate marketing, please feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out. Thanks!

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